Day: September 19, 2018

Fell the lack of motivation? Manage the information!

Have you ever wondered what kind of effect does living in the age of information have on us?  

Every day we get tons of information in many ways and forms. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we have left the television on and that we are hearing bunch of stuff that doesn’t event interest us. Or maybe there was a time when you found yourself reading a silly gossip type of article just because the name of it grabbed your attention?Almost non of us think about the influence all this excess information, especially negative one, have on as. Although, we hear many times a day “how bad situation is” and “how many accidents happened today”, at the end of the day, we don’t understand why we feel bad and stressed… In order to feel positive and motivated, it is really important to sort out the information that reach us and to take the responsibility of managing it for ourselves.

The great part is that despite all the irrelevant information there are huge amounts of very interesting and valuable content out there for free!

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